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26th May 2018
Prohibitions paragraph formatting improved for clarity

13th October 2017
Special obligations of drivers and cyclists revised to include safe method of work for embarking and disembarking PSV passengers, and responsibility of the registered keeper in the event of a claim involving an uninsured driver;
Complaints revised to clarify process in respect of dispute with a third party.

11th October 2017
Prohibitions revised to include:
Damaging or defacing property including by geolocation of virtual reality imagery;
Complaints revised for clarity.

5th December 2016
Special obligations of drivers and cyclists revised to clarify safe parking of PSVs, safe system of work for HGVs, and liability of registered keeper for failure to disclose driver, or ensure tax, testing and insurance of vehicle;
Use of tickets and limitations of licence revised to subsitute "An overstay charge" with "Purchase of a ticket", and to reiterate expulsion and legal action on breach of contract;
Corrections of minor typographic and formatting errors throughout General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

19th November 2016
Introduction revised to remove terms made redundant by parking management scheme;
Prohibitions revised to derestrict parking to facilitate activities off-site.

10th October 2016
Use of tickets and limitations of licence revised to include parking a vehicle

22nd September 2016
The following are revised for a new parking management scheme:
Vouchers, discounts and special offers;
Obligations of all guests;
Special obligations of drivers and cyclists;
Special obligations of group leaders admitted free of charge;
Special obligations of attendants admitted free of charge;

11th April 2016
General Terms and Conditions topics transferred to Customer Support pages without changes.

28th December 2015
Loss or damage: Update to bring in line with change to legal duties of bailee.

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