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21 Feb 2020 01:30 - 11 Mar 2020 14:59 #304 by Support
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All our attractions were severely affected by floods - first from surface water and then from the River Wye - during storm Dennis. Depths from 1.3 in the Butterfly Zoo to over 2 metres on the Laserops battleground.

We want to thank all the many local people and former customers for their incredibly generous offers of help, and the emergency services who risked their lives to evacuate our near neighbours. We have all been greatly heartened and impressed by the public response, and especially by the assistance given to our colleague who lost everything. Our extensive flood precautions were overwhelmed by this extreme event, but with the help of the Fire and Rescue Service pumping water from the Butterfly Zoo we were able to reenter the property at an early stage and quickly reestablish life support for our butterflies. Our next priority is the welfare of our colleagues.

Our car park, the cafe and all our attractions are currently CLOSED during flood recovery operations, the flood having introduced many hazards to health and safety. The process is complex and extensive. The first task was to restore life support for our butterflies and site security. We seem to have saved all but seven of our butterflies. Next we restored sufficient safety for assessment of damage and a sanitary environment and welfare facilities for colleagues, so can clean-up and repairs could begin. We are engaging contractors for the major works, and keeping our colleagues on for specialist works in the maze and Butterfly Zoo.

We will be taking the opportunity to make improvements where we can, and hope to minimise interruption to construction of our new indoor adventure golf course.

We will reopen as soon as possible. There is a great deal to do, so please bear with us, we cannot give any dates for reopening at this stage. Check back at this page for updates.

Resurgemus - we'll rise again!

Amended 11th March 2020

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