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Our aim is for all our guests to have a really great time in safe and peaceful enjoyment of the Centre, so we maintain high standards of service, value for money, safety, premises, equipment, and welfare of animals. We then make our facilities available to users on condition that they are used safely for the purpose intended, with due consideration and respect for guests, staff, animals in our care, tenants, contractors, our trade and property.

This document is intended to be the definitive source for all users and staff where detail or disambiguation is needed.

The Proprietor, LRF & ET Heyes, manages the premises for the benefit of their guests, tenants and their customers, and grants limited licences to use parts the Wye Valley Visitor Centre during specified times and only in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Use and such Regulations, Terms and Conditions or Tariffs as are displayed at the entrances and within enclosures. Where services are provided free of charge, such provision is made quid pro quo in return for the User’s promise to comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Regulations.

The Proprietor does not undertake to provide facilities for worship. Display of information about religious praxis is for interpretation of history and anthropology from a neutral Religious Studies perspective and is not intended to express opinion on validity, morality or anathema of such praxis or to elevate any worldview or creed over any other.

Terms and conditions are enforced out of our duty of care and for the benefit of all legitimate users, and all guests are subject to them. A history of special offers, waiver or relaxation of Terms and Conditions or stay of enforcement does not indicate customary accepted practice.
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