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The Wye Valley Visitor Centre is private property. No public right of way of use exists or is intended through the premises. Public access when and where permitted free of charge is an invitation to treat and otherwise exclusively reserved for patrons of the businesses situated on the premises. All proprietors' rights are reserved and vested in Centre staff and authorised agents, including the absolute right to charge for goods, use of the car park, grant licences to enter attraction enclosures, for use of equipment or participation in Group Activities, games, events, for capture of images for gain, and for other services; and to demand payment on the spot in full and in cash, and to reserve parking, toilet, picnic facilities and other designated common areas for the exclusive use of patrons.

Grants of licence to use premises equipment or services are issued or implied on a quid pro quo basis subject to standard Terms and Conditions and for specified times. Prices and specific limitations are displayed at the Point of Sale. Formal Commercial Service Level Agreements supercede other Terms and Conditions where they differ. Use of the premises and payment of any deposit constitute objective manifestation of intent to form a contract.

The Proprietors reserve the right to alter without notice products, services, premises, accessibility, prices, Terms and Conditions of Use and Regulations as they deem necessary for the peaceful enjoyment and safety of guests, safety and welfare of staff, and smooth operation of the Centre.

The Proprietor reserves the right to decline a booking and return payment and to cancel by reason of late payment, capacity, reputation, frustration of contract or force majeur without refund restitution or compensation. The Proprietors further reserve the right without prior notice and without refund restitution or compensation to change the operating hours of the Centre or attractions, close and evacuate the Centre or any part of it temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access to any part of the Centre, or cancel or postpone games, Group Activities or events for works, location videography and photography or special events, to ensure safety, security or order, on approaching capacity, consequential to legislation, regulation or action or order of statutory bodies so empowered, fire, act of God, extreme weather, icing, flood, storm damage, or if the Proprietor considers it necessary or prudent, and without giving reason.

The Proprietor reserves the right to close and lock the premises and enclosures and exclude all members of the public from the premises at the time advertised and to then detain property left on the premises until such times as the Centre is open for trade, and to dispose of any property abandoned on the premises and to charge costs of such disposal from the owner of the abandoned property and retain all proceeds without refund restitution or compensation and without prejudice to further action.

The Proprietor reserves the absolute discretion to refuse service, ban, withdraw service from, refuse entry, or remove without stating reason and without refund restitution or compensation and without prejudice to further action including civil recovery of damages anyone whose reputation or behaviour is or is suspected of being likely to affect the enjoyment, safety or welfare of visitors or Centre staff, or is indicative of intent to disrupt, subvert or pervert the systems of the company, or whose behaviour is unsafe, illegal, insulting, offensive, indecent, abusive or threatening, might provoke a breach of the peace or result in injury to or distress animals in the care of Centre staff, or damage or cause excessive wear and tear of property, or disrupt service or be in breach of contract, or prohibited.

The Proprietor reserves the right to record CCTV and retain personal data and metadata and to engage in formal legal disclosure to statutorily empowered organisations, and to operate any other security measures he deems fit, and to monitor and supervise guests in all parts of the Centre and their use of our electronic systems, and to exclude customers and public from private reserves.

The Proprietor and authorised parties may record images or sounds illustrative of Centre activity, and may use any such images presented to the Proprietor or captured on their behalf, and including images of guests in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising, publicity, training material, historic or security record in any format whatsoever without further consent or payment, and that copyright in these materials rests with the Proprietor or such authorised party as the case may be.
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