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Entry to an enclosure, participation in a game or Group Activity or event without a valid licence, or transferring a ticket for that purpose, are criminal offences (fraud and conspiracy to defraud) and may result in immediate withdrawal of service and expulsion from the premises without refund restitution or compensation and without prejudice to further action, which may include civil recovery or criminal proceedings.

Tickets are issued on purchase of a limited license to park a vehicle or enter specified enclosures, attend an event, participate in an activity or use equipment during a specified period quid pro quo in return for the specified consideration modified by published discounts subject to eligibility. Licence is not transferable after first use, and tickets constitute evidence of receipt of payment only and are invalidated if defaced or altered, illegible, or misused. Tickets must be retained and yielded for inspection or surrendered on request of Centre staff.

Licence to enter enclosures, attend an event, participate in an activity or use equipment is subject to displayed prices, open hours and standard Terms and Conditions or formal Commercial Service Level Agreements and is not transferable, shareable or exchangeable after the first instance of use. Membership of any group so licensed is limited to the first users of the licence up to the number specified. Possession of a ticket is not proof that the bearer is the licensee.

The contract to buy a ticket for admission is concluded on purchase, the license expires at close of trade on the day for which the ticket is valid, or in the case of an event or Group Activity at its ending time, regardless of whether the purchaser or licensee has exercised their rights under the contract. Purchase of a ticket does not confer a licence to overstay or abandon personal property or enter the premises outside advertised open hours, nor transfer responsibility for the care of personal property to the Proprietors.

Licence may be immediately revoked in its entirety on any breach of contract on the part of the licensee, and result in expulsion and legal action including but not limited to civil recovery.
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