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Prices, discounts, special offers and deals are closed at the time of ticket purchase and may not be applied retrospectively. Online Offer Tickets are not available at Reception or by telephone. Availability and pricing of tickets advertised for on-line sale are not advertising or indicia of availability or prices of tickets for sale at Reception. Tickets purchased on-line are only available on-line for the specified service when advertised, and use of the Buy Now button forms a contract for sale of dated tickets for services of the leisure industry concluded at automated commercial premises when our server accepts PayPal’s notice of your payment. Your order cannot be changed or cancelled after clicking Buy Now and no refund or change can be given.

All Guests visiting attractions are otherwise liable for Reception Ticket Prices advertised at reception and payable at Reception prior to entry. Standard-rate tickets, open-dated tickets, vouchers, discount schemes and special offers are not valid for special events or Group Activities that require a special charge unless so specified. Vouchers may not be redeemed as money, used for the purchase of goods tickets or services other than as stated, and no change is given against vouchers. No discount, special offer or voucher shall be accepted by Centre staff if presented separate from its defining rubric. Vouchers must be surrendered and are cancelled on purchase of tickets. Where an identity card or voucher code obtains a discount, that discount is only applicable to one individual against one standard-priced single ticket for the attraction, service or goods stated in the defining rubric and on condition that the card or voucher code holder is the bona-fide owner of that device unless the written offer states otherwise.

No discount, special offer or voucher may be compounded. Discounts and special offers are not applicable to joint tickets which are already discounted unless stated in the defining rubric. Discounts apply to a single person for that individual alone unless otherwise stated, and are not transferable, shareable, or exchangeable.

A special offer or discount for a specific attraction does not apply to another attraction or multiple attractions or parking charges. "Two for one" or "Buy one, get one free" and similar offers do not amount to "Four for two", “Two families for one” etc.. "One pound off" and similar offers do not amount to five pounds off five tickets or four pounds off a ticket for four etc.. "One child free with one paying adult" and similar offers do not amount to "One child free with one paying child" nor a discount of the child price from two adult tickets.

Decisions of Centre staff on eligibility and application of discounts, special offers or vouchers made under these Terms and Conditions are final.
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