Special obligations of drivers and cyclists

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Parking a car constitutes objective manifestation of intent to accept the offer of a limited licence to use the car park in return for agreement to comply with the specified Terms and Conditions displayed by the Operator in the Car Park.

Drivers (including riders) must drive with due care and attention and consideration for other users and pedestrians, and in accordance with the Highway Code and Road Traffic Regulations. The registered keeper shall be personally liable for the full extent of any claim against an undisclosed driver or in the event that the vehicle is untaxed, untested or the driver or vehicle is uninsured.

PSV drivers must use a safe system of work including parking and disembarking or embarking passengers in designated bays only.

HGV drivers must use a safe system of work when loading and unloading, and request a banksman and coning of a safety zone before reversing or using lifting, pumping or other materials handling equipment.
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