Special obligations of dog owners and controllers

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11 Apr 2016 21:34 - 01 Apr 2022 15:15 #72 by Lindsay Heyes
Owners and controllers are wholly responsible and liable for the control, actions and welfare of dogs. Dogs must remain on leads at all times in the care of a responsible adult and may not be left in cars, and Centre staff may not be asked look after any pet. Dogs are not allowed in any attraction or activity enclosures, with the exception of trained Service Dogs while the dog is working. Owners must not allow their dogs to foul any part of the Centre and must dispose of fouling in a legal and sanitary manner using the designated waste bins located just outside the premises. Failure to execute these obligations may result in expulsion from the premises without prejudice to further action.

Service Dogs are trained for the specific user's disability and have entitlement to access to public spaces under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). They are:
  • Guide Dogs;
  • Hearing Dogs;
  • Diabetic Alert Dogs;
  • Mobility Assistance Dogs;
  • Seizure Response Dogs;
  • Autism Support Dogs;
  • Allergy Detection Dogs;
  • Psychiatric Service Dogs.
Not all disabilities are obvious, and the DDA does not entitle access for Therapy Dogs. Attraction enclosures at the Centre provide a safe space for people whose anxiety is triggered by dogs. Users of Service Dogs may be asked to provide proof of Service Dog status to Centre Staff.
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