Special obligations of group leaders admitted free of charge

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11 Apr 2016 21:40 - 05 Dec 2016 17:04 #75 by Lindsay Heyes
The Group Leader designated on the Group Activities Booking Form is de facto an agent or officer of the client group in joint enterprise notwithstanding any individual status or formal incorporation of its members, and so is responsible for appropriate Risk Assessment for vulnerable members of the group and is further responsible for fulfilment of the contractual obligations of the client on-site including settlement of all errors and omissions by payment or receipt by lump sum in full on the spot at Reception on arrival.

The designated Group Leader is further responsible for the punctuality, safe movement and integrity of the group, and for the good order, first aid, welfare, and care of children, disabled or vulnerable members of the group, and for assisting Centre staff as requested and in evacuation. The designated Group Leader for an accepted booking is licensed to enter enclosures free of charge in advance for Risk Assessment, and when the group is present solely to discharge the above duties. The Group Leader may appoint responsible adults (aged 18 or over) pro rata as detailed in the on-line Group Activity booking form who will similarly be admitted free of charge as Assistants for these duties. Further Assistants may be admitted free to attend on people with disability (see above).

Failure of a Group Leader or Assistant to fully execute their duties in return for the quid pro quo concession of free admission to enclosures is a breach of contract.

Free admission does not include parking charges or issue of equipment such as putters or laser taggers, use of which would distract from those duties.
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