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The Proprietors grant a limited licence to guests to capture images on the premises excepting of interpretive displays, reproduced images, graphic designs and textual information, only for the purposes of recording and reporting a visit for private use and not for or associated with gain, oppressive or indecent purpose on the quid pro quo condition that if published or otherwise placed in the public domain the location shall be acknowledged in the form of a conventional representation of an active weblink and further that the Proprietors or their authorised parties may use all such images, and any presented to the Proprietors or captured on their behalf, and including images of guests, in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising, publicity, training material, historic or security record in any format whatsoever without further consent or payment, and that copyright in these materials rests with the Proprietors or such authorised party as the case may be, and that the publisher shall withdraw the image immediately if so requested by the Proprietors. Payment for a ticket constitutes objective manifestation of intent to form this contract.

Use of cranes, booms, hoists and remotely operated vehicles including helicopters, quadcopters, kites, balloons, robots, drones, rockets and fixed-wing aeroplanes on or above the premises for recording images or sound shall be subject to proof of public liability insurance and such operator training, qualification, permission, licence and registration as required by statute and regulation.

Drone operators must comply with CAA restrictions (including NOTAMs) and regulations, provide proof to the proprietors of PfCO training from a CAA NQE and of valid UAS approval for both flight within distances stated within article 95(2) sub paras (b), (c), or (d) and if necessary BLOS flight, and of insurance under Regulation (EC) 785/2004, and must obtain a written permit from the Proprietor and comply with an agreed flight plan.

Commercial image capture on the premises and all commercial use of images otherwise captured on the premises is subject to the prior payment of a formally negotiated location fee and possession of a written licence to shoot on specified dates issued by the Proprietors.
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