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No dogs or other pets except working Service Dogs are allowed in attraction or event enclosures or food premises or off-lead, and owners may not leave fouling on the premises nor dispose of foul waste other than in dog-waste bins.

Alcohol and narcotics may never be taken into enclosures. Anyone appearing to be under their influence may be refused admission and escorted from the Centre without refund restitution or compensation.

Use of the car park, attractions, picnic areas, footways and other facilities other than for the purposes intended and in accordance with rules and instructions displayed or communicated by the Proprietors and Centre staff is prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, near their entrances and in all enclosures.

Eating and drinking are prohibited in the Butterfly Zoo and Miniature Golf enclosures.

Lighting fires and use of pyrotechnics and fireworks are strictly prohibited, and the siting and lighting of barbecues or stoves in any way likely to damage property or cause injury is strictly prohibited.

Dumping, including litter and ash from barbecues, scrap, sump oil, engine coolant, brake fluid and tyres, or failing to remove and dispose of such detritus responsibly and in accordance with statute and regulation is prohibited.

Behaviour, language or clothing which in the opinion or experience of Centre staff may deface or cause damage to property, reputational damage or a breach of the peace or be offensive or cause harm to other visitors or staff is not permitted, and abuse including dumb insolence and aggressive behaviour is strictly forbidden.

The throwing, flying, projection or carrying of anything in a manner which may cause injury, damage, intimidation or annoyance is absolutely prohibited.

Launching, landing, control of drones is absolutely prohibited, and commercial operation for photography or videography is forbidden except by written permission from the proprietors (except when for emergency services under ES-DOT).

Unnecessary or amplified noise, or any behaviour which may cause injury, intimidation or annoyance is not permitted.

The climbing on, sitting on, going in, under or crossing of hedges, fences, barriers, walls or buildings, or misuse of Centre furniture is strictly prohibited.

Entering hedges and flowerbeds and picking or otherwise interfering with flowers or decoration of the Centre is strictly prohibited.

It is strictly prohibited to remove livestock at any stage of the life-cycle whether dead or alive, including plants, from the Butterfly Zoo enclosure.

Interfering with emergency, safety, traffic management, parking management, queue management, rescue, warning, fire-fighting or first-aid equipment, signs or notices, and obstructing footways, corridors, emergency exits, gates, driveways, entrance splays or other means of access and egress is strictly prohibited.

Riding or driving on footways or otherwise off driveways and parking areas is strictly prohibited.

Operating cranes, booms, and hoists other than for delivery or collection; or remotely operated vehicles including robots, model aeroplanes, drones, cars and helicopters, or kites, balloons, chinese lanterns or rockets; or self-balancing motorised scooters on the premises is strictly prohibited.

Assembly, skateboarding, racing, and playing games is strictly prohibited on roadways, in the entrance splay and on the car park.

Attempted or actual inducement, beguilement, harassment or coercion of Centre staff to vary charges, waive Terms and Conditions of Use, Regulations or enforcement, or to make or accept any gratuitous promise, is strictly forbidden.

Entry of areas reserved for private or staff use is strictly forbidden and may result in immediate arrest and detention for suspicion of attempted theft.

No person or organisation may carry out works, service vehicles, sell, promote or advertise any products, services or political party, nor conduct collections, polls, petitions, lobbying, performances, exhibitions, competitions, driving or riding instruction, publicity stunts, demonstrations, interviews or surveys nor in any way approach, importune, interfere with or distract guests or staff on the premises including by geolocated virtual reality imagery or sound without the authority of the Proprietor, and any such authorised users and their volunteers employees and subcontractors must operate with due diligence and in full compliance with public liability insurance, risk assessments, safety policies, permits and licences as required by statute, regulation, bye-law and Centre policies.
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