Can I appeal a Parking Charge Notice?

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You can appeal a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) if it was wrongly issued Our customers are not exempt from paying for parking. When all is said and done, it is the driver's responsibility to declare their vehicle registration correctly and to make timely payment for the full duration of their stay.

The Operator cannot disclose evidence of infringement to us, and we are not qualified to provide the impartial appeal service required by the Protection of Freedoms Act, so it would not be right for us to intervene. We do not take the side of ParkingEye against you, nor take your side against ParkingEye, but you may find the following information useful:

The Car Park Operator is accredited, so you can appeal free of charge
  • ParkingEye Ltd is in the British Parking Association Approved Operator Scheme. The appeal process is strictly regulated for your protection, with checks and balances. See the information printed on the Parking Charge Notice.
  • If your appeal to the operator is unsuccessful they must give you the opportunity of a formal appeal to PoPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals), the expertise, impartiality and independence of which is assured by Ombudsman Services. See the Operator's reply for details.
If you have questions for or about the car park operator please go to the FAQ at the ParkingEye website . Enquiries about paybyphone transactions must be made directly to paybyphone . If you need nonpartisan advice go to Citizens Advice for help that you can trust.

Please respect that Wye Valley Visitor Centre staff can neither correct a ticket, nor process or waive your payments to the Car Park Operator, and have no duty to give customer support on parking issues Information given by Centre staff about the services of ParkingEye or paybyPhone is out of courtesy and in good faith in the manner of any tourist information and is not intended to form a contract, or modify your contract with ParkingEye, or constitute legal advice.
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