How to appeal a Parking Charge Notice

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You should always appeal a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) without delay if it was wrongly issued or for a minor keying error of your vehicle registration but if you paid for the full period you were parked using paybyPhone, or your vehicle had a valid seasonal Park & Choose Permit, ├Żou should first contact the vendor for proof of purchase and the permit period.

The Car Park Operator is ParkingEye Ltd, so your initial appeal must be to them. They are bound by the BPA Code of Practice so your appeal is free of charge. ParkingEye Ltd is in the Approved Operator Scheme of the British Parking Association , which is an Accredited Trade Association (ATA). It ensures that the issue of PCNs is evidence-based and other checks and balances required by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and the Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019 are in place.

If your appeal to ParkingEye is unsuccessful you can go to arbitration by an independent Ombudsman free of charge. This is known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and is subject to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations 2015 to ensure fair play. The ADR Provider appointed by the BPA is now Independent Appeals Service, a branch of Ombudsman Services. Appealing to the Operator and ADR do not prevent you from complaining to the BPA nor taking action in a court of law.

How to get Alternative Dispute Resolution
The appeal process is explained in a video from . The details for the Wye Valley Visitor Centre Car Park are:
  1. Appeal to the Operator You can use the Citizens Advice appeal letter writer . See the Parking Charge Notice for information you need or log in to the ParkingEye Driver Portal .
  2. Get arbitration from the designated Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider if your appeal to the Operator fails. See the Operator's rejection notice for how to appeal to IAS.

If you have questions for or about If you need nonpartisan help Citizens Advice has a reputation of being a safe source with neither commercial nor activist bias. A clear explanation of the law is given in this video by The Black Belt Barrister .

Wye Valley Visitor Centre is not a party in your transaction with ParkingEye Neither ParkingEye nor paybyPhone can disclose their data to us under General Data Protection Regulations, nor are we qualified to provide ADR, so it is not our practice to intervene. The guiding principle for our company and staff is that we do not take the side of ParkingEye against you nor take your side against ParkingEye. Our staff cannot correct your inputs to the systems of ParkingEye or paybyPhone nor have discretion to waive your duty to pay for parking.

Information given by Centre staff about the services of ParkingEye or paybyPhone is out of courtesy and in good faith in the manner of any tourist information and is not intended to form a contract or modify your contract with ParkingEye or constitute legal advice or limit your statutory rights.
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