How to book if a third party must pay

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How to book if a third party must pay was created by Lindsay Heyes
You can book if a third party (or parties) must pay for your booking

Your options are
  • You collect the money from the third party, then pay it over; or
  • You pay the deposit with your personal credit card, then claim back from the third party before interest accrues (so you are not out of pocket); or
  • You contact the payer as soon as you have added your bookings to the cart, then check out and input payment details they share with you; or
  • You get the payer to make the booking.
The Group Leader must settle any outstanding balance before your Group Activity can start. Bring means of payment - or we will take a card payment by phone.

  • PayPal does not disclose your shopping cart's content to a third party even if they log in as you;
  • A third party can't book an appointment while it is in your cart because it is provisionally reserved (remove it from the cart or log out of the booking system for 15 minutes so the provisional reservation expires);
  • We cannot disclose third party transactions so you can only get confirmation that we have accepted a booking made by a third party from the booker.
Caveat emptor: Spem in alium nunquam. The booker is solely responsible for ensuring timely payment, and liable if a third party payer defaults or later claims non est factum.
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