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We collect personal and technical data to service your requests and queries and for market research, accounting, debt control, crime investigation, management of abusive or vexatious behaviour, in case of claims, and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. We may use the data to improve or to inform you of changes to our service. We may collect anonymous statistical information to improve our service.

Prior to a transaction we may record your User information: Username, name, organisation, address, email address, phone number for a booking or ticket reservation; Your queries and provisional choices of service or goods are recorded; The name of the Group Leader is recorded for bookings and the name of the person to collect tickets for ticket reservations; The applicant name and status, Registered User's name, contact information, VRM and term for parking permits. We do this on your behalf, and will delete such records at the request of the User if you do not complete the transaction.

When you buy we record your payments, purchases, the progress of your order and payments. We retain this information for as long as you might legally bring claims against us and based on legal and regulatory requirements. Merchant records for card transactions, and vouchers which may include a personal identifier are destroyed as soon as possible after the transaction is reconciled (typically within a week).

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