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We do not sell your data or metadata to third parties

Servicing your requests
Your data is processed by our webhost, our internet security contractors, accountants and auditors and payment processors. We may share information with a subcontractor to provide or administer a service you use or order, or with a contractee that requests a service from us on your behalf. Data may include your name, organisation, address, email, phone number, and a group leader's name or the name of a person designated to collect goods or services, details of your order and payment, and correspondence you or your contractee have with us.

Spam protection
Your IP address is transmitted to Google reCAPTCHA when you answer a captcha challenge.

Payment processing information
eBay, PayPal, WorldPay, Barclays Payment Services, Cybertill, WebTicketManager, ParkingEye and paybyphone are responsible for the management of personal data used by them. Our electronic data systems do not collect the personal information you give to these third party providers or which their systems may collect from your device. The Data Controller is the payment processing company. We do not disclose your personal information to them unless you so request except in the course of formal legal disclosure, for example for fraud investigation. Our own online systems do not retain your payment card number, expiry date, bank sort code or account number. We share with payment processors the amount to be paid, payment status, Txn ID (transaction identifier), description of your purchase and the name by which our company is identified in the processor's notifications and on your bank or card issuer's statement of account.

Parking permits
We supply customer vehicle and user details to the car park operator for the issue of parking permits: Applicant name and status, Vehicle Registration Mark, name of the Registered Keeper, type and term of permit. We are the Data Controller for information held by us for the purpose of fulfilling our contract to pass this data to the car park operator. The car park operator is the Data Controller for the data that they then retain.

Third party weblinks and Social Media
We are not responsible for content, nor the security or safety of downloads, nor the security of data during transmission, nor data or metadata collected by third parties through links to third party websites from our web pages, including any social media you may choose to use.

Formal legal disclosure
In the event of a disputed payment card chargeback or for fraud prevention, civil recovery of payment or criminal proceedings or in obtaining advice about such matters we may formally disclose or legally obtain evidential information between ourselves, any third party provider of a service used or ordered by you, your card issuer or bank, and PayPal or eBay, and to providers of professional services such as our accountants, insurers or legal advisors. We may formally disclose data or metadata to statutorily empowered agencies such as the police, HMRC or courts for criminal investigation, enforcement, civil recovery or safeguarding vulnerable people.

Business continuity
We can pass your data to our successors in title in the event of restructuring or selling our business.

Anonymised information
We may process and aggregate anonymised information derived from personal data. The resulting statistics may be shared with other organisations such as the Planning Authority, our financial service providers, or subcontractors. An example might be to produce a time series analysis table or graph, or financial spreadsheet, or microeconomic model of aggregate consumer behaviour.

Accident, emergency and public health
We may disclose data to protect your vital interests or to facilitate an insurance claim or prevent fraud surrounding an emergency such as an accident. Accident or medical emergency or public health may also necessitate sharing information with family, carers, colleagues of affected people, emergency services, insurers, our legal advisors and statutory investigating authorities including NHS Track and Trace. Such data may include the nature of the emergency, names, location, destination of any evacuation, needs and condition of people affected. Your contact details may be disclosed to NHS Track and Trace for Covid-19. Such data may be shared in the expectation that it may be passed to others, and foreseeably without consent. An example might be to inform an employer if a lone driver or carer became incapacitated during a visit, in the expectation that the employer might brief relatives of the casualty and the families or carers of people stranded by the incident.
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