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Security was created by Lindsay Heyes
Your electronic data has every protection we can provide Webforms are protected against code injection and spam. Transmission is secured by end-to-end encryption and verified by session authentication to prevent MitM attacks. Data access is protected by User Access Control. We use server-side data storage with backups in the cloud and on our local devices. Software is updated to guard against known exploits, and we use server-side software for processing, we do not push client-side apps onto your device. Our systems are firewalled and protected against malware and zero-day attacks. Changes to our system and database are monitored, scanned, logged and audited.

We do not process card or electronic payments online or store card details but send you to secure third-party payment processors such as PayPal, WorldPay or Barclays Payment Services. They use end-to-end encryption and are responsible for processing, storage and security of the personal data needed to complete on-line financial transactions. They hand you back to us when the transaction is complete.

Our webhosts use a datacentre located in the United Kingdom but we cannot guarantee that data and metadata is not called, routed, processed and stored or backed up outside the jurisdiction of Great Britain because those are characteristics of the World Wide Web. The most-used search engines process all your searches at data centres outside the UK. Foreign governments can empower their statutory agencies to compel or legitimise their commercial domiciles to reroute, capture and process data and metadata for commercial use or to project extraterritorial power.

Your use of a personal device to access the internet can give you the illusion of privacy Criminal activity and malicious or accidental propagation of your electronic data and metadata by third parties can happen, but your own choices affect privacy too. Most devices, apps, browsers, search engines and social media services collect metadata by default and link it to your IP Address or registered accounts or those of people you know.

Enhance your security and privacy When you arrive at our homepage, check the address bar of your browser for our secure https URL, not one which has been prefixed by a search engine, and that the closed padlock symbol is present. Enhanced privacy is provided by the Mozilla Firefox , Opera and Tor browsers, or the DuckDuckGo search engine.

We are not responsible for consequential loss or damage to property, reputation or privacy or diminished functionality caused by service interruption, statutory intervention, formal legal disclosure, client-side input errors, your app settings or your choice of browser, search engine or ISP, or any malware installed on devices used by you.
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